Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Beginning!

A new beginning. Aren't all beginnings "new"? That might be an oxymoronic statement. 


I'm a huge fan of blogging. There are several bloggers I follow daily (confession - sometimes *gulp* hourly). A few of my favorites are listed below:
Perfect for all things fashion, beauty, and life! I love following her tutorials and reading her beauty product reviews.
Perfect for life perspective, thoughtful financial advice, and practical homemaking tips!
This is probably the one I frequent the most - Collin posts very regularly and always has the hottest deals, which often sell out quickly, so I hate missing anything.

Lately, I've been thinking how much I'd enjoy blogging for both my own personal "journal of sorts" as well as to share ideas and research with others. I love searching for product reviews & finding a whole blog post dedicated to them.

I've chosen the name "Run to Add Life to Your Days". In a non-figurative sense, I love to run & I do it for many reasons, physical, emotional, mental. My days are so much more relaxed when I have time for a run - or at this time - per my doctor's instructions "a brisk walk" as I'm expecting our first baby in January. But beyond the face value of that statement, is how I am trying to look at my life. I want to "run" in life to add "life" to my days. I don't want to RUN through life & miss all that it has to offer, I want to run in a manner so that more life is added to my days. I hope to record some of the "life" I find in my days here.

I plan to blog about products, subscriptions, magazines, my two dogs, my journey through pregnancy, and whatever else I think would be beneficial for others. I hope everyone enjoys beginning to follow my blog & please share with your friends. Comments and advice is always welcome.

Hope to see you return!

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